Tips For Selling Your Home

This process is daunting and can be laced with confusing messages from Realtors, lenders, and even media.

Let’s look at it in steps.


Every Realtor offers a free home evaluation. This step involves meeting with a prospective Realtor, to see if you trust them, if you can work with them, and to review their plan to market your home. Not every Realtor has the same level of service. Prepare for the meeting by making a list of questions to ask. If their answers aren’t resonating, move on.
Part of this process will include a market evaluation of your home. As a Real Estate Professional, I wish this were an exact science. It is not. It is an opinion based on past sales history, current market trends and current homes for sale and other factors.


Getting your home ready for sale involves cleaning, packing up the precious personal pieces, and fixing/removing anything that could detract a buyer from the best qualities of your home. I have a detailed list that helps to look at your home from a potential buyers perspective. It’s best to do this as soon as possible. We want the photos to look incredible to entice buyers to take a closer look at your home.


Our most obvious marketing tool is adding your home to MLS, the Multiple Listing Service.
My marketing plan includes many additional tools. I feature your home including professional photographs, and professional details to give a potential buyer the most accurate information on your home. I utilize social media, online sites and the vast Century 21 international network to market your home locally, nationally and internationally.
The first few days on the market will give us the best indication as to where we are with our pricing. The quicker we adjust if needed, the faster we will sell your home.


This is the best part. Buyer(s) are interested and are choosing your home instead of the all the others on the market.
This is where you need a master negotiator, a steady hand and solid advice.


Typically, a buyer will have their finances in order before making an offer, but there are the final steps that need to be tended to. Therefore, the conditions will likely include financing, inspection, and if your home is a condominium, review of condo documents. This period of time is usually 1-2 weeks.
We will have collected a deposit on acceptance of the buyers offer. The amount varies and is held in trust at the selling agents brokerage until funds are formally transferred at the sale date. (Date of possession.)
If some issue is found during the inspection that is unsatisfactory to the buyer, the financing is not successful or some other issue WITHIN THE STATED CONDITIONS OF THE CONTRACT, the buyer will not waive conditions and will get their deposit returned in full.
If everything is satisfactory, conditions are waived and the sale is firm.